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THEIR FUTURES is a project dedicated to building a brighter tomorrow for Ukrainian children.

Since February 24th 2022, thousands of children across Ukraine have become homeless, seeking refuge in bomb shelters underground while a war rages above.

In the midst of conflict, they continue to create. Children from all over Ukraine have captured their feelings and emotions through art. With our project, we're sharing their creative expressions with the world.

We've digitized their artworks and turned them into NFTs available for purchase in a charitable marketplace. All proceeds will go to Hand to Hand, who's goal is to raise money for urgent needs and pass it on directly to the hands of activists, doctors, and volunteers who are at the epicenter of humanitarian catastrophes.

Children who have been forced to flee their homes because of the war in Ukraine urgently need peace now.
By purchasing one of their digitized drawings, you are directly supporting the future of Ukraine and it’s children.
In collaboration with One of None, we've made it possible to show off your digitized drawing in your home.

With every NFT purchase comes a one time token that is redemable for a framed and printed physical copy of your NFT.
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Explore this collection of over 50 digitized drawings created by Ukrainian children under 14 years old, who due to this senseless war, are currently taking refuge in bomb shelters, train stations and bunkers. Every day, Ukrainian families with children are forced to flee their homes and the horrors of war. As of 30 March 2022, two million children have now been forced to flee Ukraine, as the war continues. UNICEF estimates that more than 2.5 million children have been internally displaced within Ukraine. Despite these bleak and seemingly hopeless times, these children have found short moments to express themselves through art. The future of these children are in our hands.
How It Works:
The auction will run for 14 days starting Monday, April 18th at 12:00pm. Each drawing has been digitized into a unique, 1 of 1 NFT.
If a new bid is placed within the last 15 minutes of the auction, an additional 4 hours is added and the auction will continue.
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